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Greenfield Playschool is committed to providing spaces that inspire creativity and learning, reflect each mighty learner, each family and their social and cultural practices.




Joca began teaching in the fall of 2010, after studying Early Childhood Education at MacEwan University and receiving her Level 3. Passionate about small children and their development, teaching is a natural fit for her and she has continued this passion in the 14+ years she has spent educating playschool aged children.

As an educator, she believes in a holistic approach that pays attention to children's physical, personal, social, emotional, language, well-being, and cognitive aspects of learning. Her teaching style fosters positive environments and experiences that encourage individuality so that each child may become all they were destined to become. Joca values continuous positive reinforcement to support a child's growth and development. She intends that children in her care enjoy a positive, successful experience and have fun learning!


Joca likes to provide a space where children and parents can feel supported, seen and loved. Being fluent in the Spanish language, she is also always looking for opportunities to promote literacy in a variety of ways.


Joca has three amazing teenagers and is a grandma to 2 cats: Frankie and Binx. She enjoys yoga, cooking and plants in her free time. Joca's warm and caring nature will make your child feel welcome in the classroom!




Carlin graduated from MacEwan University with her Level 3 in Early Learning. She has 14+ years of experience in the field, working alongside children ages 12 months to 12 years.

She has been an Early Learning Educator, Mentor, Family Support Liaison and Pedagogical Partner and Early Learning Coach with ARCQE. These multi-faceted positions have given her many perspectives on our roles in the lives of children and families and how important these partnerships are. As we co-learn, co-research and co-imagine possibilities with children, we must consider the parents' values, traditions, routines and wishes. It's all about the relationships we build that help foster a healthy and happy learning community!

Her community at home consists of herself, her husband Cabel, her children Ridley and Lennon, and her dog Gus. She is very close to her immediate and extended family and enjoys spending time with them whenever possible. Her husband is a musician and she loves to sing, so there is always music playing in their home. You will also often find her singing in the classroom! She enjoys reading, word puzzles, writing and finding new places in the city to explore with her children. They love being outside in all weather, which helps her to appreciate all the seasons!

Joca and Carlin, graduating from MacEwan together in the same year have joined together to create an environment where children can thrive. Having similar aligned values and ideas on how children learn and grow in a positive environment, their practice with one another has been quoted to be "seamless".

Kayla and Venessa have been a wonderful addition to our team and to the playschool. They are both kind, patient and giving and share all these attributes in their interactions with children and their support of the teachers.

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