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My son had Joca as a teacher for his preschool years and it was such a wonderful experience for him!  Joca always went out of her way to make sure he felt welcomed at the beginning of each class and ensured that he felt comfortable throughout the duration of the class as well.  We loved how Joca incorporated important life lessons and stories into age appropriate language that our son responded to well, and how she tailored each lesson with intentionality and skill.  We also appreciated the level of creativity she helped our son explore through various crafts and through all the different learning stations in her classroom.  She made our son’s first educational years such a positive and meaningful experience for him, and we will always be so grateful to her for that gift.

Gaylene Beach

I can't emphasize enough how much of an impact Joca had on our introduction to preschool. My son had a really hard time starting school and did not want to be away from me. Joca was so patient and understanding throughout the process. I honestly don't think we would have stuck it out if it wasn't for her. Her confidence in him was exactly what we needed. He in turn developed a confidence and desire to go to school that I couldn't have predicted. Joca's teaching style is truly innovative and unique. I believe all the parents felt extremely lucky to have her. The classroom was constantly evolving to cater to the kids with such an inviting and magical environment. I was impressed with the learning she emerged into play for the children and how intentional these activities were. My son came away from class excited every day with what he had learned. We both had an amazing experience.

Alexandra Krutzfeldt

Miss Joca was truly a gift to have as a teacher in my sons first experience in school. She provided programming rich in literacy and numeracy, while following the interests of children. Joca's passion for early learning shines in the hard work and dedication she has teaching and working with preschool aged children. The thought and detail she puts into her work makes the learning experiences engaging and meaningful for the children. She goes above and beyond making relationships with each child and their families. We are very grateful for the time we had with Miss Joca in preschool!

Laureen Yakemchuk

Joca was a wonderful teacher for my daughter. She is kind, compassionate, and calm with the children in her programs, and makes everyone feel at ease. Her extensive knowledge of child development and Early learning make her a wonderful resource for parent questions. She is encouraging to families and her positivity and energy make her a wonderful educator!

Andrea R.

With Ms Joca is where some of the most precious memories were made. Being able to bring your little ones in to their first social introduction and not knowing much. To joining the preschool program going from shy little children, to confident, flourishing individuals. She helped them adapt so beautifully. Ms Joca was able to let  these children have all the trust and faith in her, just idolize her. She would always get down to their level to help them understand. And if someone needed more help she would most certainly take the extra time. Ms Joca always made learning so much fun and exciting by bringing elements from the  outdoors in to the classroom. Always  making the class room such a cozy and safe place. Not only did children grow so very fond of her, the parents did too. Every child felt important and like they belonged.

Melanie S.

My children attended Joca’s preschool class for two years. They are in grade 1 now and still ask to go back to see Miss Joca. She is the most wonderful caring teacher. Every week we came into the class to find it transformed. There was never a dull moment in her class.

Penny Muwanga

My son was so lucky to have Ms. Joca as his preschool teacher for two years (ages 3 and 4).  She fosters a fun, safe and nurturing environment and is always organizing creative activities for the kids to enjoy.  I also love that they spend time exploring and playing outdoors.  Transitioning to Kindergarten was very smooth because of this experience.

Taylor Wise

Joca truly gave my daughter Aubrey a wonderful and exciting 2 years of preschool. Aubrey loved going to her classes and has continue to write, read and shine in all she does. Aubrey's love for learning is truly a testament to Joca's teaching! I could not have asked for a better preschool teacher!

Mandy Maria

Joca meets children where they are at to support  their emotional, social and intellectual development. I saw this first hand as I liked to volunteer in the class. She is one of the most creative preschool teachers I have ever met. She lets kids get messy and have fun both  inside or outside the classroom. Ms. Joca supports children’s learning through play. My daughter was always excited to see Ms. Joca and the new centres. I love that she fostered a sense of curiosity for my daughter and saw the good in everyone! Her upbeat personality is ready to bring a smile to you and your child’s day.

C. W.

We were initially hesitant on putting our son into preschool during the pandemic, but are so glad we did! My son loved having Miss Joca as his very first teacher, and looked forward to attending preschool each and every day. Joca's passion for teaching was apparent from the first time we met her. She creates a safe, nurturing,  inclusive, child-led learning environment. My son grew so much intellectually and socially, and was more than ready to attend kindergarten following his year at preschool. Miss Joca is a treasure and we are so grateful for her!

Lindsey S.

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